Short and Sweet…

“I wanted to leave a review for Nikki Tran she’s been doing my hair now for years! She is amazing! I’m so pleased with the venue, staff & my stylist. They’re so friendly and welcoming! I am not a hair expert so I just let Nikki work her magic! Make sure you check them out!” – Shaida H.

“I absolutely love having Spencer as my hairdresser. He helps me to take risks that make my hair look better than it ever has! He knows exactly what he is doing and is very honest when I ask him his opinion about different options. I refuse to go to anyone else!” — Caitlyn J.

“You will never have a more personable and pleasant experience getting styled than you will with Christian.” — Elizabeth A.

“Christian is phenomenal! His positive energy is always a joy to be around, and I leave his salon with my hair looking amazing.” — Sabrina H.

“Spencer and the entire crew at Artisinal Hair Co. were friendly, engaging, and made the entire four hour experience quite enjoyable! My hair? Well, after years and years of misbehaving and rebellious hair, the intense therapy with Spencer has changed our relationship to “maybe I won’t shave my head”. Thank you Spencer, and everyone else! You are amazing!” -Tara Z.

“Went to a new salon based on a friends recommendation. Great friendly atmosphere. Nikki was so friendly, showed her 3 pictures of a cut I liked and 2 of high lites, she gave a great massage while shampooing my hair. LOVED the cut & color. Highly recommend this salon.” -Tammy S.

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Beth J. says:

“This funky and family run salon is a laid back environment and full of Frederick inspired charm. The husband and wife team are focused on service and quality, not fluff and profit. A refreshing idea indeed. I saw Christian, the owner and head stylist. I heard about him through word of mouth and just had to find out what the buzz was about. He listened to concerns about my hair and discussed options with me. I was impressed by his knowledge about color and his approach to styling my hair. I had recently gotten color, so I opted for just a cut and was very impressed. I have a lot of hair and am used to being styled by the salon assistant, but Christian attended to me from shampoo to style and even took extra time to curl my hair! It was very easy to style on my own and have to say it is the best cut I’ve had in Frederick! I highly recommend Artisinal Hair Company.”

Elizabeth D. says:

I can’t say enough great things about the 4-person dynamo team at Artisanal (well, 5 if you count the sweet pooch Frankie!). Karly keeps the business running in front and behind the scenes, made me feel very welcome and even called me a few days after my appointment to make sure I was pleased with my experience! Spencer did a wonderful color for my tough-to-hide grey, matched my natural hair color perfectly and was highly attentive to what I wanted. I was amazed to get exactly the look and color I described – how often does THAT happen?! I suspect EVERY time at this salon! Beautiful Nikki jumped in to double-team the styling w Spencer, which made me feel like a celebrity on Oscar night! Christian’s understated oversight of his team and clients was evident and reassuring. Can’t wait to go back!

Shannon M. says:

“I feel like Christian really listens to me and can deliver on the look I want.  And what I want is kind of a holy grail.  Easy to maintain but well put together.  Professional but fun.  Natural looking but polished.  The color he gives me is absolutely top notch- I have never had a better job.  It blends and looks natural with permanent highlights and lowlights with a few fun pieces of semipermanent color that are just enough for fun- but not too much for my job. My hair is shiny and healthy and easy to maintain. The look is effortless but the truth is that the whole look is expertly constructed, layered, thought out. When the look grows out it still looks professional and intentionally “second season”for months  so that I never have to worry about looking scrappy before I can get my very busy self back to the salon.  I recommend him to people all of the time, and everyone who goes to him thanks me and is really proud of their look.

“Christian takes his time and does not rush me in and out of the salon.  I always feel like he values me and is happy to see me.

“For him hair is an expert craft and an art.

“Thanks Christian!”

Darlene D. explains:

“He listens to his clients.  He is very well read (highly intelligent — which is rare).  He is empathetic and genuine.  He makes you feel important in the greater scheme of things.  Spending time with him is never wasted.”

Jane C. elaborates:

“Christian Riser is a master at his craft, he is truly an artist.  There are salons galore, and stylist aplenty — but few take the time or have the ability to create a final product like what Christian delivers.  I have had my hair done in many cities at many top end salons and none compare to the consistent quality and personalized service that he offers.  My hair is always beautiful when I leave his chair.

“As a person – I have come to love and respect Christian.  He is a hard working visionary in an industry where most just ‘do hair.’  He is principled and has a broader view of a career for a stylist.  I have seen him, countless times, offer guidance to his industry colleagues in a selfless, generous way.  He has that same open accepting view of the world and I enjoy the time that I share with him.  I can always count on an interesting conversation when I sit in his chair.”

Candy S. tells us:

“I have been a client of Christians for 15 years. He handles the challenges of curly hair with ease and is an expert at color application. Christian always presents himself as a professional and takes great pride in delivering what his clients ask for. His schedule is flexible so that he can accommodate all of his client’s needs. Over the years I have received numerous compliments and inquiries as to who does my hair. I trust him 100% and couldn’t imagine going to anyone else.”

Jeremy B.W. states:

“I continue to use Christian as a technician and stylist because he seems to understand your needs instinctively. If you want to try something outside of the norm or deviate from the usual, he works with you to try to understand your vision. Otherwise, he can flawlessly replicate the cut he’s provided you before.

“He works carefully, he doesn’t seem rushed, like he wants to truly provide a great and thoughtful experience and not concerned about a revolving door for clients. In addition, he takes an interest and you, doesn’t hide his opinions, so you feel as though you’re engaging in meaningful conversation without one side dominating the talk.

“I would certainly say Christian’s thoroughness during a cut is my favorite experience — as I said he never rushes through a cut, and the result is a contemporary, professional product.”

Linda C. reveals:

“Christian has been styling my hair for almost 20 years, minus the time he moved out of Frederick.  I first went to Christian because a stylist had given me a horrible perm.

“Christian was wonderful!!  He explained what went wrong and how he could fix my hair.  From that day on I have never thought about having someone else cut/style my hair.

“Chrstian is innovative.  He is so knowledgable about cutting and coloring.  Throughout the years my hair has changed and Christian always takes time before each cut to find out how I am feeling about my hair.  He has suggested colors and styles which is much appreciated.

“Christian is warm and friendly.  He has taken the time to get to know my daughter and even support her in her interests.  He has been very generous and has given her tools to support her interest in cutting and styling.

“During an appointment, he does not rush and listens to what you have to say.”

 Susan Y. says:

“I’ve been a loyal follower of Christian’s since my first visit, which was well over 13 years ago.  When it comes to hair, Christian is incredibly talented, and he consistently delivers.  He always has me leaving his salon with a cut and color that gets tons of compliments (many of which are from total strangers).  No one ever guesses that underneath my lovely blonde locks is a dark brown/going mousy gray mop!  I always enjoy my hair experiences with Christian.  Aside from his being a fascinating guy with a kind heart, there’s so much to be said for knowing that you can just relax in his chair and never fret about what could go wrong with your hair.   Since I  have enough to worry about in my life,  I am grateful to have found this level of trust and comfort with Christian.”