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Artisinal Hair Company -a modern hair studio specializing in hand-crafted sophisticated coloring technique , detail oriented weight-removing and volume building cutting methods.


Artisinal hair services are carefully crafted with care! Our hair painting services or color services can at times take a few sessions to get your ideal look, but no worries here! We love transformations! Shoot us a text of your inspiration and a current photo of your hair and we will take this hair journey with you to perfection. Our techniques and staff education is backed by over 25 years of experience globally by our owner stylist, Christian Riser.


At Artisinal we work as a team.  Quality is our focus as all of our staff must reach not state educated standards ,but our standards of craft to be behind that chair. We invite you to meet our team! 

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A Note from Christian Riser

It may be our coloring techniques that draw the most critical acclaim but it is our cutting methods that we pride ourselves on. For we know that the secret to great hair color is having the right cut to show it off; giving the color room to move and play. The real magic of our cutting technique begins where most salons end. It is during the refining stage of the work that our talent takes center stage, transforming the ordinary cut into a long lasting, wonderfully performing, easy to manage work of ART. Our signature refining techniques have been taught all over North America, setting our staff apart from the everyday hair industry personnel. We pride ourselves in creating a one-of-a-kind work of ART for every guest. To achieve such a high level of definition we use the best tools and are extensively trained in multiple cutting and coloring techniques. The techniques perfect the cut allowing the cut to perform with ease over time.
our works

All photos represent in-house talent. For more information on a specific stylist please refer to the “Our team” page. 

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Introducing Rock-IT Hair

A modern twist on an economical experience!

Rock-IT stylists are stylists pursuing post education in a fun, funky, and high quality of standard environment.  While refining their skills to reach our luxury brand, Artisinal Hair Company. Rock-IT Hair stylist are performing the same services as our senior brand at a more conscientious price. This opens up our salon brands to a wider community of individuals interested in a hair cut or color service that is unmatched to lower priced main-stream salons in the surrounding area. Check out the staff and menu of services with the Rock-iT label on our website!