When asking his clients what they love the most about Christian, the overwhelming response is his ability to produce both natural and customized color. His clients often report back to being stopped on the streets of LA and DC, being asked “Who does your hair? Who does your color?” For Christian, hair is a medium for a piece of artwork to be created from, making his creativity with color boundless. As a master stylist and teacher, Christian’s specialties also lie in his deep understanding of the science behind your hair. With the knowledge of, and experience with various product lines and cutting methods, Christian is able to customize the treatment of your hair to get the look, feel and movement you desire no matter the hair type.

Christian started in the hair industry during the late 80’s, graduating from the Graham Webb Hair School of Washington, DC in 1991. During the 90’s Christian honed his craft working in salons, both in Maryland and in Florida, as well as, owning hair and charity-based businesses. Seeing a need in his industry, Christian decided to open his own hair school in the early 2000’s. The school later formed a partnership with the Paul Mitchel School Corporation to become one of the first Paul Mitchel Hair Schools in the country. With a passion for education, Christian spent the greater part of the 2000’s traveling the country, teaching others about the world of hair. Now settled-down with his wife, Karly, a Frederick-native and former high school math teacher, the pair have decided to open their own boutique salon to focus on sharing their love of hair and community.

Owner and Master Stylist